Teardown: Old DVD burner.

Loyal Reader, I would like to present a new somewhat regular thing: Teardown Tuesday, where I indulge in a rather weird personal pleasure–taking things apart–and torment you with bad pictures of the process.

I hope that, eventually, my pictures will get better.

This Tuesday’s item is the humble DVD-RW. I don’t know what brand or model–it might be on the label visible in one of the pictures, but I don’t think it matters. If I manage to keep doing this, I will try to be better about brands and model numbers.


If you’ve ever wondered what these look like on the inside, you’re in luck. Especially if you’ve ever wondered what these things look like on the inside in a slightly murky room with weird lighting.

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eCig stuff

After trying to quit the old-fashioned way [with the help of an app or two], I gave up and switched back to eCigs.

I think I’ve been using eCigs fully since December.

I posted pictures of my new gear on Facebook, and the ensuing conversation revealed that my brother-in-law brews his own liquids.

He sent me some.

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Law&Order: SVU has a history of this, you know….

I’ve managed to avoid the topic until now–all of it. And I’ve managed to avoid the episode until now, because I know what happens when I get sucked into SVU–three or more weeks of [Gruff-voiceover] and duhn-duhn.

Well, I guess I failed. Mostly.

I saw a supercut of Intimidation Game. And then I dug into the internet reaction a little bit.

Internet, you disappoint me.

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